Buying fish still in the sea

UK - Shetland Seafood Auctions have announced that - following the completion of a successful pilot project - it is now proceeding into the first stage of commercial buying and has already lined up producers of farmed salmon and mussels who will provide product to sell online.</b> <br><br> The company has invested in innovative new software that gives seafood buyers the opportunity to purchase Shetland seafood online, at a size and grade to suit and before the fish have even been harvested. <br><br> Auction manager Martin Leyland explained: &quot;Our new system is entirely flexible and takes the concept of remote buying to an entirely new level. <br><br> &quot;It allows buyers to source whole, gutted or filleted salmon and mussels from quality assured, fully traceable suppliers. In the future cod, halibut and other shellfish will also be available. <br><br> &quot;Our island location means we have access to the freshest fish. In fact, buyers placing a bid online at our auction are actually bidding for seafood that is still in the water. <br><br> &quot;Harvesting only takes place once a purchase is made and product can be delivered to the UK mainland the very next day. <br><br> <i>Source: Shetland Marine News</i>

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