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Brunei May Have Found New Fish Species

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BRUNEI DARUSSALAM - Has Brunei's Department of Fisheries stumbled upon a new species of fish?

"It's highly likely," said Syah Haji Mohd Ibrahim, Research and Development at the Fisheries Department, Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources.

"From a survey that we carried out last year and this year we actually found a fish that has not been identified worldwide - it's a new species, and does not have a name to it yet.

"We sent it for identification to make sure and be 100 per cent certain, so we're still waiting for it, but the experts that came down said that the probabilities are quite high that no one has identified this species before.

"If it is indeed a new species, then we have the right to name it," he added.

Brunei Online reports that all this goes to show that Brunei possesses what seems to be an amazing array of reefs full of potential in many different fields, particularly science and even eco-tourism.

The Department of Fisheries continues to ensure the conservation of Brunei's reefs, and their efforts in setting up artificial reefs in the 1990s are paying rich dividends now.

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