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Boost in Fresh Water Fish Breeding

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SRI LANKA - A fresh water fish breeding project in Walawe left bank development project in Sri Lanka has boosted the prospects for fresh water fishermen.

The scheme, Api Wawamu Rata Nagamu under the Mahinda Chintana programme, has enhanced fresh water fish breeding in the region according to a report in the Daily News.

Eleven tanks in Walawe left bank area have been brought under the programme and a large number of fingerlings have been released to the tanks.

The project has allowed hte local community to have fish at lower prices and according to the report the fresh water fishermen in Hambantota district said that there is an increased demand for Japan Koreli species of fish.

Fresh water fish breeding has now become a money spinner as such the fresh water fisherfolk request the authorities concerned to start fresh water fish breeding in abandoned lagoons in Hambantota district to provide livelihood to lower income group fisher folk.