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BlueNalu to take cell-based seafood to South Korea

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Cell-based seafood specialist BlueNalu has signed an agreement with Pulmuone, a food products firm headquartered in South Korea.

BlueNalu, the cell-based seafood company, is in the process of recruiting new members of its team

The agreement marks the beginning of the first collaboration for BlueNalu in South Korea, and follows Pulmuone’s investment in Blue Nalu’s series A round.

The memorandum of understanding means that the companies will collaborate in areas such as marketing, regulatory, operations and distribution with an aim to bring BlueNalu’s products to markets in South Korea during the coming years.

Global demand for seafood is at an all-time high and continues to increase, particularly in Asia, where the two companies believe cell-based seafood can supplement the current supply of wild-caught and farm-raised fish. BlueNalu’s cellular aquaculture technology will allow it to produce a wide array of seafood products from a variety of species, without genetic modification, and will be free of microplastics, toxins, mercury and other environmental contaminants. The global pandemic has brought awareness to the vulnerability of our food supply. Cell-based seafood is a solution to food security and addresses the important issues of traceability, transparency and safety.

“This agreement with Pulmuone represents our shared values and respect for healthy families, a healthy ocean, and a healthy planet,” stated Lou Cooperhouse, president & CEO of BlueNalu. “We plan to launch BlueNalu cell-based seafood products initially in the United States, but we also recognize there is significant and increasing market demand for high quality seafood in South Korea, while supply becomes increasingly vulnerable and potentially contaminated with microplastics, mercury, and environmental pollutants. Partnerships are critical for our success and we are proud to partner with Pulmuone.”

“This is an exciting collaboration with BlueNalu that we anticipate will allow us to introduce cell-based seafood products in South Korea that we know our customers will enjoy,” said Sang Yun Lee, CTO of Pulmuone. “While a product launch is still several years away, we recognize that the global seafood supply is compromised, unpredictable and cannot keep up with demand, so our mutual goal is to accelerate BlueNalu’s introduction to our customers with a product that meets consumer expectations in terms of taste, texture and nutrition, while also providing benefits for the planet and the well-being of families.”

Pulmuone has a 35-year history in the health and wellness market, providing food products that are sustainably and responsibly sourced. With its roots in sustainable farming, Pulmuone values humanity in harmony with nature, and is a leading champion for respecting the environment and nourishing families.