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Black Tiger Shrimp Prices Hit Record High

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VIET NAM - Shrimp prices have risen dramaticlly due to farmers emptying and cleaning ponds in preparation for new stock, causing a shortage in supply. Moreover, demand for seafood products rose sharply in the global market and member enterprises of Camau seafood exporters and producers signed more export contracts with partners, especially Japanese partners.

According to Ca Mau Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers, raw black tiger shrimp prices have hit record highs in the past ten years. The price for black tiger shrimp (count 20 pc/kilogram) is at 260,000 VN$ per kilogram, count 30 pc/kilogram at 190,000 VN$ per kilogram, count 40 pc/kilogram at 155,000 VN" per kilogram and the whiteleg shrimp price (count 100 pc/kilogram) is at 85,000 VN$ per kilogram.

Currently, the high black tiger shrimp price is encouraging Camau farmers to invest in raising shrimp with expectation of next bumper crop.

Along with traditional extensive shrimp farming, farmers are also developing high productivity extensive shrimp farming with over 3,500 ha; industrial shrimp farming with 2,800 ha and whiteleg shrimp farming with 13 ha. These areas is expected to increase significantly in the future.