Black caviar exports from Pridnestrovie inaugurated with Danish partner

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
4 January 2007, at 12:00am

PRIDNESTROVIE - With production already underway, Pridnestrovie is set to export 5 tons of Black Russian Caviar and sturgeon meat per year. The first of six local aquaculture plants has been opened with a technology partner from Denmark. Unlike traditional caviar production, it is designed to protect and increase the endangered species.

With a location next door to some of the best caviar in the world, the Black Sea Beluga, Pridnestrovie is now entering the caviar market in a big way. The doors have just been opened for the first of six aquaculture farms in the export orientered country. With production revving up, another five facilities are being constructed, and the total output will reach 5 tons between 2010 and 2013.

Construction on the first production module started in June of 2006, and opened its doors on 15 December at a final cost of $500,000 dollars. Since then, a total of 17,000 sturgeons are already making their home in Pridnestrovie: Many of them are Sterlet (acipenser ruthenus), one of the smaller species of sturgeon. Over the course of 2007, the number of local sturgeon will nearly double, to 32,000. These are being bought from Russia, but in 2008, the plant will be able to independently reproduce the species.

The owner of the plant, Tiraspol-based Sheriff, turned to Billund Aquakultur Service ApS as its technology partner. The Danish firm is the leading company in the world when it comes to design and management of modern fish farms. It has twenty years experience in making environmentally friendly intensive fish farms, and clients worldwide. It has built high technology recirculation fish farming facilities in Chile, Norway, Italy, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Iran, China, Australia, Spain, unrecognized Taiwan, Malaysia, Germany and its home country, Denmark.

Source: The Tiraspol Times