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Big Fish Farm Plans Emerge in Kenya

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KENYA - The government is shifting focus to fish farming to increase food security and boost earnings.

With dwindling fish stocks in lakes and other water bodies, the country is seeking to boost production from 4,220 metric tonnes to 11 million tonnes, with a potential of earning the country Sh750 billion from the domestic and export markets, writes John Njagi,

According to the news report, the government is also in the process of rolling out an initiative to construct at least 200 fish ponds in 140 constituencies that are endowed with water resources such as rivers.

Speaking during the recent launch of the Aguthi Fisheries self help group, in Nyeri, Fisheries Development ministry Permanent Secretary, Prof Micheni Ntiba, said there was a shortage of fish in the world market and urged farmers to take advantage of the opportunity.

"There is high demand for fish as most people have discovered its nutritional value," he said. But even as the government gears up to roll out the plan, coffee farmers in Tetu are abandoning their plantations in favour of fish ponds, says