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Big Boat Bill Way Too Broad

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AUSTRALIA - The Commonwealth Fisheries Association (CFA) has called for sanity and balance in the debate over the proposed new Bill from Minister Tony Burke to create Declared fishing activities under the Environment Act.

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Martin Exel, Chair of CFA stated that: Industry is aware of the desire by the Minister to retrospectively change the rules for the small pelagic fishery, and block the operations of the Abel Tasman, but this is clearly not the way to do things.

He went on to say that Responding to community issues over this single boat by damaging all Australian fishing operations, both commercial and recreational, and creating massive uncertainty for the professional fishing industry in Australia is simply not acceptable in our view.

The professional fishing industry calls on Parliament to stop, think, and reflect before taking action of this magnitude. The draft Bill needs to be significantly changed it is clearly too vague, and way too broad. The Review of the Fisheries Management Act and its Regulations is a more appropriate place to deal with these issues, and to ensure that unintended consequences do not flow from introducing legislation on the run.