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BFAR To Conduct Fish Stocking Research In Tabuk


PHILIPPINES - The Provincial Fishery Office (PFO) is preparing to research the stocking density of fish in net cages in canals.

PFO officer-in-charge Joyce Dugyogen said that the research project, entitled “Stocking density of tilapia in cages along the National Irrigation Authority (NIA) main canal” will test how the tilapia fish variety will thrive in net cages under the management of fisher folks here.

Ms Ducyogen said that two sets of activities on the study will be done along the NIA main canal at Sitio Burubur, Bulo, Tabuk City from March to May and July to October this year.She said that eight cages measuring to 2x4 meters will be set along the canal for the research team.

Said study will be managed by the Bulo Fisherfolk Association, RIC, 4-H Club, Office of City Agricultural Services, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Farmer’s Group and the Barangay Council, she informed.

To ensure the conduct of said study, the groups were assigned to provide the labor, indigenous materials needed for the installation of the nets, as well the provision feeds and security for the stocks.

BFAR, she said, will provide the nets, fish, and the technical assistance to teach farmers in the preparation and management.

Said activity aims to enhance the fishery production as a livelihood project for farmers in the area taking advantage and optimising the NIA canal in their locality.

Since water source is dependent on NIA operation and environmental phenomenon, the use fish cages she said was conceptualized for farmers to be able to remove it if not used and re-install it again for another stocking .