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Benchmark Lands SalMar Contract

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NORWAY - Benchmark, through its subsidiary Salmobreed, has signed a long-term agreement to provide genetics, health and knowledge services to SalMar, one of the worlds leading producers of salmon.

The agreement will include a joint venture wherein Benchmark manages the breeding and genetics of SalMar’s ‘Rauma’ salmon strain, as well as an agreement for the sale of Benchmark eggs to SalMar from its Icelandic facility, which can produce eggs year-round, thanks to its unique geography.

“Benchmark subsidiary, SalmoBreed AS will form a 50/50 joint venture with SalMar Farming AS for production of Atlantic salmon ova,” explains SalmoBreed’s CEO, Jan-Emil Johannessen.

“Benchmark will take full responsibility for managing the breeding programme through its subsidiary Akvaforsk Genetics Center AS,” explains Johannessen.

The JV, to be called SalMar Genetic AS, will be formed by a demerger of SalMar’s salmon production facility in Reistad, Norway.

The agreement also includes sales of eggs from Benchmark’s land-based sites in Iceland and – once commissioned – from its Salten site in Norway. The Benchmark group will also provide SalMar with fish health services, diagnostics, and health products.

“The agreement also includes sales of eggs from Benchmark’s own breeding programmes, SalmoBreed/SalmoBreed Salten and StofnFiskur. The Benchmark group will also provide fish health services, diagnostics and health product,” concludes Johannessen.

"We are delighted to sign an agreement with such a blue-chip partner in the salmon market. It is testament to our customers’ recognition of the benefits of our growing, integrated package of products and services, as well as our ability to enhance value for producers and contribute towards the overall sustainability of the aquaculture industry," reflects Malcolm Pye, CEO of Benchmark.