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BBSRC to Fund New Animal Welfare Research Network

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UK - The BBSRC is to fund a new community-led Animal Welfare Research Network which will be focused on research contributing to the welfare of managed animals. Those wishing to join the network must apply before 20 February 2015.

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In 2014 an Animal Welfare Working Group was formed to review BBSRC-funded animal welfare research.

The Animal Welfare Working Group identified the animal welfare community as small and specialised but split into silos such as observational, disease and behavioural research, which may not encourage multidisciplinary collaborations across a broad range of scientific expertise.

To foster and encourage community collaboration (within animal welfare and with the broader academic community), and to develop a supportive community environment, the Working Group advised that a community-led network be established.

To take this forward, BBSRC anticipates funding a community-led Animal Welfare Research Network for a period of three years. The network will be focused on research contributing to the welfare of managed animals (including farmed, laboratory and companion animals), both vertebrates and relevant invertebrates (e.g. bees), and will encourage links to researchers working on non-managed species.

Those interested in joining the network please visit the Animal Welfare Research Network call for members page.

Applications should be sent by 20 February 2015.