Bangladesh shrimp export requirements

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
2 February 2007, at 12:00am

BANGLADESH - Earnings from shrimp export has increased over the years. The quality of exported shrimp and the food value thereof should be maintained. The production of shrimps and other fishes has to be increased with necessary official support to maintain the trend.

The quality of shrimp and frozen fish of desirable food standards has to be ensured with necessary measures. The major countries in the European Union, which import shrimp from Bangladesh and the companies involved therein, have, however, noted some problems.

One of such problems is the use of nitrofurazone and other antibiotics by exporters of shrimp. The consumers in those countries noted the use of such chemicals and reacted. They have complained that consumption of contaminated shrimp may cause consumers to suffer from cancer.

The concern expressed by consumers in the European Union countries has been noted by some exporting companies. They have submitted proposals for the purchase of machines and installation thereof in the shrimp processing zones.

The Department of Fisheries has already imported and installed one machine in its office premises. Unless more allocation is made for purchase of few more machines, the objective of testing shrimps in port areas before export may not be attained.

Source: The New Nation