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Aussie Farmed Prawns for Christmas

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AUSTRALIA - Australian farmed prawns are the way to go this Christmas, according to the Australian Prawn Farmers Association.

A number of factors have combined to give farmed prawns a competitive edge this festive season, according to APFA President Dr Trevor Anderson.

"The reliability and safety of Australian prawn production and the attention to sustainable farming practices mean that Australian farmed prawns are now even easier to buy." Dr Anderson said.

"For fresh Australian farmed prawns consumers can expect to pay between A$25 and A$35 per kilo."

Dr Anderson said the quality and acceptance of farmed prawns around Australia has also continued to improve due to in the ability of Australian farmers to shorten the supply chain.

"The key to quality and taste is in the way the product has been handled through the supply chain, from the farm to the plate.

"Australian consumers are now showing a clear preference for Australian farmed prawns as the product is available fresh for 12 months of the year and has very consistent quality, size and flavour."

Consumers looking for assistance with their selection of prawns this Christmas can go to, which includes tips right through from picking to cooking the best prawns.

The site, which was launched in December last year, is designed to increase consumer’s confidence when buying prawns and assist them with ensuring their Christmas prawns were memorable.

"The best tip for consumers is to find a quality retailer who buys Australian," Dr Anderson said.

"Australian products are of superior quality and imported products are required by law to be labelled at the point of sale as imported product.

"To be sure, customers should ask their retailer whether the product is imported or Australian."