Association To Debate Organic Farmed Salmon

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
6 September 2007, at 1:00am

CANADA - An association representing BCs organic agri-food industry may discuss whether some farmed finfish and shellfish can be certified during a meeting this month.

Lee McFadyen, chair of the Certified Organic Association of BC’s standards review sub-committee on aquaculture, said a set of draft standards – written by the Pacific Organic Seafood Association – is currently before the association’s board of directors.

Those standards, she added, may be discussed at a mid-September meeting. "I think anybody who wants to take an organic approach to food production needs to have a standard the public can recognize and that growers can follow," said McFadyen, herself a self-described organic grower since 1962.

The COABC is a government-approved body and is responsible for overseeing the BC Certified Organic Program. The association accredits farms and facilities in BC.

For finfish aquaculture, the draft standards discuss issues like environment and water quality, escape prevention, nutrition and feeding, stock density, siting for net-pen operations, transportation and harvesting.