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ASEAN Block Increases Imports of Vietnamese Cephalopod

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VIET NAM - Seafood producing countries in ASEAN have been considered as traditional competitors of Viet Nam in the global market. However, in 2013, these countries became important cephalopod buyers of Viet Nam.

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Cephalopod exports to ASEAN have kept growing since the beginning of the year and the block ranked fourth among importers of Viet Nam through November 2013. At the same time, the down trend was observed in shipments to three main markets, including South Korea, Japan and the EU.

Thailand continued to be Viet Nam’s largest cephalopod importer in ASEAN, accounting for a proportion of 79 per cent in Vietnamese products introduced into this block in terms of value. As cephalopod purchases by other ASEAN countries have still been low, Thailand is seen as a growth impetus in ASEAN imports from Viet Nam, reports Vasep.

In 2013, Vietnamese cephalopod cargos sent to Thailand were worth of $38.5 million, increasing by 12 per cent year-on-year. This rise drove the eleven-month exports to ASEAN up 8.5 per cent to $48.6 million, representing 12 per cent of Viet Nam’s total exports of this kind of products.

Malaysia was the second biggest partner of Viet Nam in ASEAN, but sales to this country dropped nearly five per cent to $6.2 million between January and November 2013. Viet Nam also reported drop in sales to Cambodia.

Other markets in the block still got growth, especially the Philippines with a year-on-year rise of 3,451 per cent.

Through November 2013, processed cephalopod items showed a positive trend in exports to ASEAN. The value of other dried/grilled, processed squid and processed octopus got rise of 6.8 per cent, 59 per cent and 39 per cent, respectively.

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