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Argentine Anchovy Fishery Proves Its Sustainable, Again

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ARGENTINA - The Argentine anchovy fishery has achieved re-certification to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Fisheries Standard.

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This fishery, which operates in the waters of Argentina and Uruguay, was the first anchovy fishery in the world to achieve MSC certification. When originally certified to the MSC standard in 2011, there were two companies, Delicias S.A. and Centauro S.A., operating five vessels, representing 10 to 15 per cent of the total catch of the assessed fishery. Today, 13 companies operating 24 vessels have been assessed for the recertification.

The fishing vessels are: Mercea C; Canal de Beagle; Belvedere; Padre Pio; Teson; Jupiter II; Centauro 2000; Raffaela; Don Raimundo; San Genaro; Don Carmelo; Orión I; Messina I; Franca; Maria Gracia; Marta S; Rocío del Mar; Nuevo Viento; Argentino; Atrevido; Victoria II; Florida Blanca; Nono Pascual and Don Nicola. The fishers use semi-pelagic mid-water trawling nets. The net is made of 4mm diameter nylon and has a total length of 60-70m, kept afloat by 60 buoys.

"We are committed to fishing in a responsible and sustainable manner, and protecting the natural resources of the ocean is a key component of our business. As the first MSC-certified anchovy fishery in the world, we are proud to have the MSC process again validate the sustainability of our well-managed and healthy fisheries," said Carlos Rodriguez, manager, Centauro (fishery client).