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AQUANOR: Striving To Be Environmentally Sustainable

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NORWAY - According to a new report by FHL, the Norwegian Seafood Federation, Norwegian fish farmers are concerned with keeping the environmental impacts of fish farming within acceptable limits.

In recent years the production of Norwegian aquaculture has increased significantly. The main reason is increased demand in new markets. Nevertheless, environmental policy objectives are clear - all seafood production must be environmentally sustainable, and environmental contaminants shall not limit the possibility of producing safe seafood.

"The new environmental report shows the status of Norwegian aquaculture, the goals we have and the measures taken. It says that our industry is developing positively, says Sveinung Sandvik, head of FHL.

FHL's report highlights the committment from the industry towards ensuring sustainble aquaculture. The report's main goal is to provide a concise summary of knowledge, status and challenges of important environmental issues.

"It is important for various stakeholders of the Norwegian industry to coexist. And for this to be successful, dialogue and openness are important and a necessary basis for debate.

"The report shows that the industry is using substantial resources to address the challenges related to food production," says Mr Sandvik.