AquacultureUK2016: Delivering a Vision for the Sustainable Growth of Aquaculture to 2030

26 May 2016, at 1:00am

UK - A new strategy is being put together to help the Scottish aquaculture industry address challenges and plan its growth over the next 15 years. Speaking to TheFishSite Editor Lucy Towers at Aquaculture UK, Stewart Graham, Managing Director at Gael Force explained the reason behind the vision.

The strategy - Scottish Aquaculture 2030 Vision for Growth – is being put together by a group of Scottish companies who collectively wanted to create a plan for the continued social, economic and environmentally sustainable growth of the Scottish aquaculture industry.

The strategy will cover the entire supply chain, including farming, equipment supply, infrastructure, processing, research & innovation, the role of the public sector, and marketing.

Mr Graham, one of the co-chairs of the group, explained that there has never been an industry led strategy that looks at the path for growth of Scotland's aquaculture industry.

Therefore, it is hoped that this strategy will develop the opportunities that exist for aquaculture in Scotland and potentially double aquaculture’s contribution to the Scottish economy by 2030.

Mr Graham also explained that the strategy is industry led and that working groups made up of industry stakeholders have been meeting to work their way through the challenges and consult on how to remove them, creating recommendations so that growth can be achieved.

Some of the main challenges faced include biological challenges, such as, sea lice, streamlining the consenting process and the balance of how sustainability is viewed.

The strategy report is expected to be produced later this year and will feed into Scotland Food and Drink’s overall industry strategy for 2017-2030.