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Aquaculture Development in Coastal Bays

US - Members of the Coastal Bays Aquaculture Development Workgroup are closer to creating a strategy for development of aquaculture in Maryland's coastal bays.

According to DelmarvaNow, the workgroup -- which met this week -- was established in June to bolster the state's aquaculture industry and has met several times to identify challenges facing watermen in the coastal bays, namely bottom leasing for the harvest of hard clams and oysters.

The strategy currently being drafted is a compromise among aquaculturists and conservationists, according to Dave Wilson, executive director of the Maryland Coastal Bays Program and a member of the workgroup, reports Delmarva Now. Areas of contention included buffer zones, which conservationists wanted to be set at 300 feet but were agreed upon at 50 feet, and bottom leasing adjacent to Assateague Island National Park.

"I do think that everyone worked hard to try and reach consensus," he said. "I think the conservation's side gave up a lot so we could help promote aquaculture, and I think the pure aquaculture interest also gave up some in order to make it work without a constant hassle of the public."