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Aquaculture Continues to Generate Employment in Peru

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PERU - The Peruvian aquaculture sector generated more than 102,000 jobs in 2015, and another 30 per cent increase is expected by the nations bicentennial in 2021, which explains why it is one of the engines of development, Perus Fishery and Aquaculture Deputy Minister Juan Carlos Requejo affirmed.

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"In 2015, aquaculture created over 102,000 direct and indirect jobs, and is expected to grow 30 per cent by 2021," he told El Peruano official newspaper, Andina reports.

Aquaculture is projected to become one of new economic growth engines of the country and increase the GDP of the fisheries sector by at least 15 per cent in the following five years.

The adapted General Law on Aquaculture, published on August 30 last year, and the creation of Lima-based Aquaculture Technological Innovation Centers (Cite) helped stimulate the industry.

The implementation of the National Fishing and Aquaculture Innovation Program is aimed at encouraging innovation in the sector by allocating resources for research and innovation projects.

The program is also intended to promote technical-scientific information and knowledge exchange networks at local, regional and national levels and the institutionalization of public-private alliances and bonds between the academy and economic actors in order to create an innovative environment for the sector.