AQUACULTURE 2016: Algae has Bright Future in Aquaculture Feed Industry

10 March 2016, at 12:00am

US - There are several areas within aquaculture where algae is needed and one of the most crucial is the feeding at the hatchery stage said William van der Riet, CEO of TomAlgae, speaking to TheFishSite at Aquaculture 2016, in Las Vegas, US.

The use of algae in early stage production feeds is very beneficial for the production of larvae. There are very few alternatives to the use of live algae during these first few days of life.

Many hatcheries often spend most of their time and labour on producing the algae to feed the shrimp, rather than concentrating on the actual production of larvae.

And, Mr Van der Riet said on average, 30-60 per cent of a hatchery's operational costs are spent on producing algae for feed.

Live algae, however, can have very varied production and can easily fail, meaning you end up with no algae. Farmers producing their own algae also have very little control over the nutritional quality and this can have an enormous impact on the growth and development of shrimp.

Eliminating that risk, TomAlgae's commercial freeze-dried algae products offer assured continuous quality in every batch and a better nutritional composition, including being rich in omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, which is fairly unique.

Based in Nevele, Belgium, TomAlgae is the world’s first algae production facility that is dedicated solely to the production of aquaculture feed.

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