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Animal Feed in Europe: Key to Performance, Health and Welfare

13 June 2014, at 1:00am

EUROPE - At its 57th General Assembly in Lige, Belgium, last week, the European Feed Manufacturers Association (FEFAC) published 'The Feed Chain in Action', a report revolving around three fundamental pillars on which the EU compound feed industry is built - safety, sustainability and markets.

These three key drivers explain the dynamism and innovative capacities allowing the feed industry to operate in a competitive environment in a sustainable manner.

'The Feed Chain in Action' illustrates the crucial role the feed industry plays with its expertise in animal nutrition for the benefit of animal performance, health and welfare.

Under the second pillar, 'Sustainability', the reduction of the feed conversion rates is highlighted as one of the most significant success stories and key indicators for resource efficiency. Also included are several cross-cutting themes that cover all three pillars.

A chapter dedicated to 'Converting losses into feed chain resources' shows the innovative capacity of the feed sector to utilise co- and by-products from other industries as highly valuable feed materials.

In 'The way forward for the EU protein supply', FEFAC calls for a different look towards the EU protein balance sheet, firstly by acknowledging the contributions of cereals and forages which would make the often quoted '70 per cent protein deficit' an incorrect interpretation of the actual situation.

Finally, a section dedicated to the sustainable development of EU aquaculture to illustrate the successful science-driven resourcefulness of the European feed industry towards finding alternative replacement to fish meal and oil in fish diets.

'The Feed Chain in Action' includes some key figures on the EU compound feed industry under the pillar 'markets'. Additional statistics and information on FEFAC’s national associations can be found on FEFAC’s web site.

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