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ALLER AQUAs New Egyptian Factory Begins Production

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EGYPT - During the second week of September ALLER AQUAs new factory in Egypt began its production, and is now supplying Egyptian customers with fish feed, the majority of which is for tilapia.

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With the production from the new factory, ALLER AQUA will be the largest producer of environmentally friendly, extruded fish feed in Egypt – in fact, in all of Africa.

ALLER AQUA Factory in Egypt

In 2009 ALLER AQUA established a joint-venture company with the Mansour family, who at the time had been building a market around the first factory throughout the previous 10 years.

The cooperation is an exceptional one, utilising the best from the local partners with ALLER AQUA’s more than 50 years of experience within fish feed. Furthermore, the company’s focus on development and research benefits the Egyptian market, and not least ALLER AQUA Egypt.

At ALLER AQUA the customer is always in focus and they host regular seminars and training sessions to ensure correct usage of their products – and also to ensure that together they can optimise the Egyptian fish farms through guidance and information.

ALLER AQUA hosts seminar in Egypt in September

In September, ALLER AQUA’s Director of R&D and the Egyptian staff participated in several seminars, with more than 60 customers gathered in the northern Egypt.

With the new factory ALLER AQUA face up to the challenge and help provide safe, healthy and sustainable food products to Egypt.


  • produces extruded fish feed for both freshwater and marine species
  • is a family owned company with more than 50 years of experience with the production of fish feed
  • produce fish feed in Denmark, Poland, Germany and Egypt
  • exports to more than 50 countries worldwide
  • has its own Research Center in Büsum, Germany
  • has more than 200 employees


T: +45 70 22 19 10

Henrik T. Halken and Hussien Mansour