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Alert Issued over Black Tiger Shrimp

US The North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries is asking fishermen to be on the lookout for a non-native species of shrimp called the black tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon).

Black Tiger Shrimp

This shrimp, native to the West Pacific, has been found in North Carolina waters and could pose a threat to the native shrimp species.

Fishermen reported capturing three of these shrimp last year, two in waters of the Pamlico Sound and one offshore from Bogue Banks.

During the past several years, black tiger shrimp have also been reported in Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina waters.

It is believed that black tiger shrimp were introduced into the coastal waters of the South Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico by escaping from aquaculture facilities.

No commercial shrimp farms in North Carolina grow black tiger shrimp, so it is unlikely they were released from aquaculture operations in this state.

The impact of these shrimp on native species is unknown. However, many problems can result from the introduction of non-natives, including new diseases and competition for food and habitat.