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Acupuncture for Calm and Tasty Tuna

JAPAN - In an effort to produce the most delicious sushi in the world, a Japanese company are beginning to give their tuna acupuncture.

According to the Times Online, the company in Osaka that patented the technique claimed that calm tuna thrashed about less in their death throes. Once the fish have received the brief treatment the blood becomes purer and the flesh has a better flavour, Toshiro Urabe, the president of the Osakana Planning Company, said.

The tuna do not need to be dosed with chemicals to keep them tasting fresh during transportation, the news agency reports.

Apparently the acupuncture can also be used on bream and the company plans to begin testing it on salmon.

The treatment was exhibited at the International Japan Seafood Show but where the needles are inserted remains a secret.

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