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Workshop to Discuss the Future of Fish

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AUSTRALIA - Fish stocking groups from throughout Queensland will meet this weekend (7-8 March) at Lake Boondooma to workshop and promote fish stocking.

Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries (DPI&F) principal scientist Peter Kind said the purpose of the workshop was to provide a communication forum between Queensland fish stocking groups.

"DPI&F is conducting the two-day workshop to discuss potential development in the sector and to promote industry development opportunities," Mr Kind said.

"Day one of the workshop will focus on helping stocking groups to identify and develop fishing related tourism and business opportunities at stocked impoundments.

"Day two of the workshop will cover technical aspects of managing stocked fisheries such as developing stocking plans, checking fingerling health and monitoring stocked fisheries.

"It is important to cover these topics as it will ensure fish stocking is sustained and developed for the future."

Mr Kind said fish stocking groups worked in partnership with DPI&F to stock Queensland waterways.

"Last year fish stocking groups released more than 1.5 million fingerlings in 140 locations across the state," Mr Kind said.

"This includes 30 dams which are part of the Stocked Impoundment Permit (SIP) Scheme and river systems.

"Dams are usually ´put, grow and take fisheries´ where most stocked species will not reproduce which means they depend on regular stocking to maintain fish levels. This requires the support of the local fish stocking groups."