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Working Group for Hake Recovery Plan

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PERU - The Ministry of Production (PRODUCE) has announced that it has ordered the formation of a Multisectoral Working Group to recover the hake fisheries.

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The Ministry argued that this decision was a result of evaluations conducted by the Instituto del Mar del Peru (IMARPE). The institution determined that there is a drastic decrease in population of hake, which is mainly composed of juveniles.

Coupled with the present instability of the marine environment, this has lead to a sustainabillity risk for the fishery.

In this regard, the Ministry of Production published a resolution by which the Sectoral Working Group must help the recovery of hake.

The aforementioned group will consist of a representative of the Office of the Ministry of Fisheries Viceministerial Production, who will preside, two of the Directorate General of Fisheries and extraction and processing one of the General Directorate of Monitoring, Control and Surveillance PRODUCE.

Importantly, the main objective of this working group will be to develop a recovery plan for hake population, and may convene specialists and private institutions of civil society, among others.

It should be noted that this working group will have a Technical Secretariat in charge of the Directorate for Human Consumption from the Directorate General of Fish Processing and extraction of PRODUCE.