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According to a 2015 review by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), 70 percent of the global aquaculture workforce are female, occupying roles from fish production and processing to retail and support.

The FAO report, titled The role of women in the seafood industry, shows that women are essential contributors to different sectors of the industry, yet their work can often be underappreciated and underpaid, while many also have limited access to opportunities and resources.

Today sees the launch of a new series on The Fish Site called Women in Aquaculture, which highlights the roles of female workers in the industry. How did they succeed and why did they choose aquaculture? We have spoken to a number of inspiring women from diverse backgrounds whose stories will be shared with you over the coming months.

Readers of The Fish Site are unlikely to be surprised by the vital role that women play in aquaculture - as interviews with female aquaculture practitioners and researchers are long been an important part of our content.

However, with seafood a key source of nutrition worldwide, increasing gender equality throughout its supply chain is crucial for food security. In this series, we want to give women in the industry a specific platform to share their insights and inspire more talented people to join the sector.

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