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Women and welfare in the frame for Noway's fish farming sector

NORWAY - In her opening address at Aqua Nor 2007 Norwegian fisheries minister Helga Pedersen said it was time the industry recruited more women.

Helga Pederson

“This industry needs to dive for these pearls; there is plenty of talent available and we must encourage more women to consider a career or employment in the aquaculture sector. We must make more use of this valuable resource,” she said.

Norway’s Government wants to see more female representation in the marine sector. The industry is a major employer, particularly in coastal communities, and is a significant contributor to many regional economies.

Ms Pedersen said that she was already co-operating with other government departments to promote the role of women in aquaculture. An action plan has been produced that highlights the challenges and opportunities faced by women in the marine industry. The initiative aims to address these issues and encourage more women and their families to consider a career or employment in the sector.