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Networking group promoting diversity invites input ahead of launch at Aquaculture UK

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
7 February 2018, at 12:00pm

Ideas, collaborations and sponsorship are invited for a Women in Aquaculture networking event at Aquaculture UK.

Unlocking the diversity debate

When The Fish Site launched its new Women in Aquaculture series last month, we thought it was a great idea to tell the stories of women who have succeeded in a sometime difficult industry, and to celebrate their achievements. But we were surprised and moved by the enthusiastic response from people all over the sector. Readers love the series, and the message behind it: that supporting diversity and equality in an industry where over 70 percent of the workforce is female is absolutely vital for that industry’s future sustainability and success.

Here are just a few of the lovely comments from our Twitter community:

Next steps

We want to do more than merely share success stories, as important as they are. As part of our sister conference Aquaculture UK, held in Aviemore on May 23-24, we are creating a networking event for people interested in supporting the sustainability of the aquaculture workforce to meet, unite and champion diversity.

Would you like to attend? Do you have a burning question you'd like tabled? Do you just want to find out more? Read on...

How you can help

We're inviting those hoping to work with the aquaculture community to find out how The Fish Site can help foster diversity development in the sector. You can help by collaborating on the agenda for the networking event, and opening up opportunities for sponsorship.

Want to get involved? Have a great idea for the Aquaculture UK networking event? Contact Rob Fletcher with the subject line ‘Women in Aquaculture’.

Interested in sponsoring the event? Contact Ksenia Warnett with the subject line ‘Women in Aquaculture’.

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