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What Went Wrong? The State of Fraser River Sockeye

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CANADA - The Fraser River Panel met recently to receive assessments from the Pacific Salmon Commissionstaff on the status of the Fraser River sockeye and pink salmon runs.

According to the Pacific Salmon Commission, test fishing catches of Fraser sockeye have remained far below expectations over the past several days. The extremely low abundance of four year-old Early Summer-run and Summer-run Fraser sockeye to-date has prevented the commencement of commercial fisheries that were scheduled during pre-season planning.

The reason(s) for the very low returns of most Fraser sockeye stocks to-date this season are presently unknown. However, the Pacific Salmon Commission says that some potential factors can be rejected.

According to them the state of this year's Fraser River sockeye stocks suggests that some factors in marine areas sometime between the time of ocean entry of the smolts in late spring and summer of 2007 and the adult return in 2009 as potential causal factors.