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Weekly Overview: Wrasse Project Offers Production Boost to Scottish Salmon Industry

2 June 2015, at 1:00am

ANALYSIS - In this week's news, The Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre has kicked off a 4 million research project to increase the use of farmed wrasse in commercial salmon farms.

The new project, now rolling out on Scotland’s West Coast, has the potential to increase productivity on salmon farms and reduce the use of medicines in the industry.

This project brings together academics leading wrasse research in the UK with major salmon producers to solve the bottlenecks limiting productivity, and to improve the quality and delousing efficacy of farmed wrasse.

The project will also extend current knowledge through to upscaling of hatchery technologies, optimisation of cleaner fish welfare in salmon cages, and prototyping in the commercial environment.

In the US, the Maine algae industry is working together to capitalize on the growing demand for seaweed thanks to a $50,000 grant Maine Technology Institute (MTI).

The grant will help to form a Maine algal cluster that will include those involved in both macroalgae (e.g., sea vegetables) and microalgae (e.g., seed stock) to help the industry take advantage of the growing business opportunities.

The funds awarded under MTI’s cluster initiative program will “encourage innovation and foster growth of a sustainable, ecologically sound and profitable algal industry in Maine.”

The Brazilian government has announced its Aquaculture Development Plan 2020. The plan involves simplifying environmental licensing in the country's states which should help to reach the 2 million tons production target and make Brazil one of the five biggest aquaculture producers in the world.


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