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Viet Nam Aquatic Products Up 4.7 Per Cent

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VIET NAM - Cities and provinces in Viet Nam are estimated to have caught 3.794 million tons of aquatic products between January 2010 and September 2010, up 4.7 per cent on-year, the General Statistics Office said.

According to Viet Name Business News, the total volume included 2.87 million tons of fish, up 4.5 per cent, and 412,000 tons shrimp, up 6.4 per cent from the same period of last year.

Of the volume, more than two million tons were caught from ponds, up 4.7 per cent on-year, including 1.526 million tons of tra fish, and 320,000 tons of shrimp, up 4.5 per cent and 6.8 per cent on-year, respectively.

Meanwhile, aquatic output caught from the sea grew 4.7 per cent on-year to 1.78 million in the period, thanks to an expansion in the fishing vessel fleet.

The office said Viet Nam had nearly 130,000 fishing vessels by late Sept, up 1.6 per cent on-year. (GSO)