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Tuna research promises export boost

AUSTRALIA - An Australian company planning the land-based breeding of southern bluefin tuna says it is close to a breakthrough, possibly within months.

There are promises of breeding tuna on land in conditions which will mimic the waters off the southern coast of Australia (file photo). (Bill Griffiths)

Cleanseas Tuna in South Australia says its fish are now ready for reproduction in a carefully-controlled artificial environment.

The conditions are designed to mimic wild migration conditions for tuna.

Hatchery manager Morten Deichmann is optimistic.

"As a scientist and as a fish farmer this is probably the most exciting thing in the world right now," he said.

Cleanseas chairman Hagen Stehr says human control of tuna from conception to harvest would be a big step.

"We are definitely on the brink of revolutionising the industry," he said.

Source: ABCNews