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Tuna Breeding Breakthrough Opens Door to Sustainable Production

AUSTRALIA - Australian aquaculture company Clean Seas has claimed a world first. It has successfully bred the endangered southern Bluefin tuna which has massive market and environmental significance.

This is good news for Clean Seas, which recently announced a half year net loss of AUS$26,000.

However, the Bluefin programme could open significant in-roads into the lucrative export market as estimates suggest that the breakthrough could double Australia's 5,200 tonne southern bluefish tuna annual quota within the next five years. Also, tuna raised through aquaculture is not subject to Australia's strict wild catch quotas. There are no trade barriers for the products either which will aid export interests to key markets including Japan, China, the United States and Europe.

Substantial Collection

Clean Seas said that tuna sperm and eggs collected from its captive fish breeding facility in South Australia has proved substantial and should enable the company to produce this sought after species in a sustainable way. From a global perspective, successfully recreating the natural breeding cycle of one of the world's premier pelagic fish species is a major step towards ensuring sustainability.

Clean Seas says this is a significant development for the company and the Bluefin species. Wild stocks are under threat and this will enable continued production without adding to those pressures

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