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The Future of Oysters in Citizens' Hands

US - The State of Maryland is taking a strong stand on trying to restore the Chesapeake Bay. On Wednesday, Governor Martin O'Malley unveiled a new project that could help in the effort.

The program is called "Marylanders Grow Oysters." It's where citizens get involved in the restoration by cultivating oysters off their waterfront piers, reports WMDT47.

"Our goal is to place a thousand oyster cages at private piers . . . By the end of October," says the Governor.

"The oyster is a natural filter for the Chesapeake Bay," says Maryland State Senator Richard Colburn.

WMDT47 report that people who participate in this project will receive four cages that are each filled with one hundred "spat on shell" oysters, which are baby oysters that have attached themselves to other oyster shells.

"This is one good way to begin to do a small part of that restoration of the Bay," says Hope Harrington, an oyster cultivator. "We all know the Bay is in deep trouble...Oysters are dying, crabs are dying."

Many people hope this oyster initiative will also revive a dying industry.