The Freshwater Guide That Will Hook You In!

20 July 2016, at 1:00am

UK - The British Isles consist of diverse waters that range from torrential hill streams to the most powerful rivers and wide, meandering lowland channels. These fresh waters consist of an entire host of still water bodies, including canals and drainage channels that range in size from ditches to the large Fenland drains of Eastern England, reservoirs, lakes and ponds all of which form the natural habitat for freshwater fish. However, the fish themselves are correspondingly varied.

‘Know your Freshwater Fish’, written by Dr Mark Everard, is a pocket-sized book that aims to provide detailed information about the 54 naturalised species found within the UK today.

Alongside an informative guide to the types of fish, the book also includes a photographic index of each species. The simple design of the book allows for easy identification and quick to digest information that is suitable for any audience.

Dr Everard provides a fascinating overview on each of the 54 types of native, invasive and naturalised species that can be found within the fresh waters of Britain.

Whether you are an avid angler or fishing enthusiast, don’t forget to pick up your copy of the book from

Mark Everard’s ‘River Habitats for Coarse Fish’ is also available now from Old Pond Publishing.