Aquaculture for all

The Fish Meal Dilemma - What are the Alternatives?


CANADA - Remarks by Ashild Krogdahl, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norwey, during the aquaculture breakout session at the 2016 World Nutrition Forum in Vancouver, Canada.

All involved in aquaculture are aware of the challenges, that the limited global supply of fish meal and fish oil represent for the industry. Numerous scientific papers and presentations, press news and discussions, as well as political documents address this situation. To secure high production efficiency, good health and welfare of the fish and crustaceans in this expanding industry, investments in basic as well as applied research and development are still needed. Actions are taken along the whole production chain to overcome the obstacles caused by this shortage of marine sources: new nutrient sources are being explored from the animal, plant, insect and microbial kingdoms; innovation is stimulated to find optimal processing methods and equipment for ingredients and feed; nutrient requirements of the various fish species are estimated and re-estimated to reach a higher level of accuracy in diet formulations; and breeding programs aiming to improve fish tolerance to new ingredients are underway.