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The First Organically Raised Farmed Salmon

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IRELAND - Ocean Harvest Technology, an Irish based company has announced that it is to start commercial production of a new salmon feed ingredient, derived from seaweed, which will enable the production of the worlds first organically raised farmed salmon.

The development of OceanFeed is being hailed as a major breakthrough in terms of product quality and environmental benefit for the €6 Billion farmed salmon industry.

OceanFeed replaces the synthetic additives currently used in commercial salmon feed. Extensive trials with farmed salmon with some of the world’s leading salmon farm companies have produced outstanding results in terms of the health, taste and appearance of the salmon.

There has already been tremendous interest from the world’s leading aquaculture feed producers, and the first year’s production has been optioned by EWOS UK, one of the world’s leading salmon feed producers.

OceanFeed is a proprietary blend of seaweeds sourced from around the world with some of the most important elements harvested exclusively off the Irish coast. OceanFeed is the first 100 per cent sustainable, truly organic marine sourced complete formula for the aquaculture industry.

The new product has also had a dramatic impact on the welfare of the salmon and the ocean environment in which they are farmed. Leading industry figures have already hailed the breakthrough as having the capacity to revolutionise the farmed salmon industry.

Ocean Harvest Technology was founded by Patrick Martin, an Irish born seafood expert with over 25 years experience in aquaculture around the world; and Dr Stefan Kraan, a Netherlands born marine biologist specialising in the commercial development of ocean resources, who formerly headed the Irish Seaweed Centre at the National University of Ireland, Galway.

“It was during research into the commercial application of seaweed derived products that the potential emerged for a sustainable ingredient in the salmon feed industry, said CEO Patrick Martin. “After many years of development, we moved from testing in small numbers to major ocean testing with some of the biggest players in the Salmon market.”

“We knew the product was important and the response of the industry has been outstanding.”

“As an industry, salmon farming has taken significant criticism in terms of environmental impact. The long term importance of aquaculture in helping to feed the world has always meant that sustainable, solutions would need to be found and the belief is that OceanFeed will be a key ingredient in helping to make the industry more environmentally as well as financially sustainable.”

“We are creating a company in the West of Ireland that will have the capacity to supply the world’s leading centres of salmon farming in Scotland, Norway and Chile. It is a great opportunity to bring a global business to a local community in Galway.

“The complex blend of seaweeds that are in OceanFeed allows salmon to be raised in a wholly natural way,” said Stefan Kraan. “We have to look at our oceans in order to be able to feed the world in the future, OceanFeed TM fits right into that strategy and enables the continued development of a better, wholly sustainable food source.”