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Sustainable Fishing, Aquaculture Principles Introduced in Schools Worldwide

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GLOBAL - Friend of the Sea, the certification programme for seafood from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, has promoted several informative and awareness initiatives. Thousands of elementary school children already have had the opportunity to participate in fascinating presentations of marine biologists: playing, learning and grasping relevant conservation principles.

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For about one hour and a half, the kids are introduced to the world of fishing and aquaculture through a travel back in time, from their tables to the fishing boat in the open seas.

This way the students learn the meaning of the word 'sustainability'.

They are actively involved and understand that the choices of manufacturer, fisherman, restaurant and retailer are determined by THEIR choices, their parents' purchase choices.

With enthusiasm, they identify themselves with the fishermen and try out various fishing methods, such as pole and line, rake, longlines, purse seines, trawlers, aquaculture, and so on...

During the presentation kids can see and observe real examples of certified products and consult the precious guide for the sustainable consumer.

Information material and gadgets will be given to the students so that, once back home, they can tell their parents about the school workshop and what they have learned.

Teachers really appreciate this free of charge initiative, which gives them the opportunity to introduce new topics to the class.

Friend of the Sea strongly believes in the importance of these initiatives and meetings and counts on the support and collaboration of the companies and schools to further expand the school awareness program.

If you wish to be part of the program and propose it to schools in your area, please contact Friend of the Sea.

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