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Success Stories in Asian Aquaculture


ASIA PACIFIC - The Network for Aquaculture Centres in Asia Pacific (NACA) has just published a new book - Success Stories in Asian Aquaculture.

The storie reflect the unique nature of Asian aquaculture, providing an insight into how and why it has become so successful.

Overall, the book demonstrates how the resiliency, adaptability, and innovation of small-scale aquaculture farmers have been crucial to this success.

It also places aquaculture development in Asia into a wider global context, and describes its relationship to natural systems, social conditions, and economics.

The book is an in-depth presentation of primary research on Asian aquaculture, and in demonstrates how aquaculture can have a lasting positive impact on livelihoods, food security, and sustainable development.

Success stories in Asian Aquaculture is edited by by Sena S. De Silva, Director General of the Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific, and F. Brian Davy, Senior Fellow at the International Institute for Sustainable Development in Canada.

More information on the book can be found of the NACA website.