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Sturgeon Investments Pay Dividends

GERMANY - Over-fishing of sturgeon stocks in the wild mean that the high demand for caviar can only be covered using sustainable aquaculture.

United Food Technologies AG (UFT) has long-standing experience and leading expertise in this field. The company is currently leading a successful new project in Fulda, Germany.

Caviar from sustainable sources - primarily aquaculture - is in high demand.

The aquaculture company leading the project commissioned UFT to plan,develop and implement the new facility and, following several months of building work, the introduction of the first 2,500 sturgeon (Acipenser Baerii - Siberian sturgeon) began on 13th December. Further consigments will arrive during the first quarter of 2008 until all of the breeding pools are filled.

The fish are between nine months and four years of age and so the production and processing of caviar can begin on-site immediately. Sales of the delicacy will begin early in 2008, say the operators.

"The caviar plant in Fulda runs successfully using our technology and as is unique and highly profitable. Here, profitability, protection of resources, sustainability and product quality are brought seamlessly together," , said UFT-CEO Christoph Hartung.

An increasing number of food retailers, restaurants, hotels and food service businesses are demanding high quality of 'farmed' caviar. Adn UFT is well placed to meet market requirements. The company has established a close partnership with Petrossian, one of the oldest and most highly regarded caviar companies in the world.