Storm damage blamed for lost export potential

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
5 June 2007, at 1:00am

MYANMAR - The Burmese military government's recent opening of a business zone in the western border town Maungdaw to export Arakanese produced shrimp to Bangladesh, is unlikely to meet the level of exports of previous years due to cyclone damage to shrimp farms in the area.

In Arakan State there are 155,533 acres of shrimp farms, comprising 76 percent of shrimp farms in the whole of Burma. Several tons of shrimp from the state have been exported to neighboring countries, including Bangladesh and Malaysia, in the last few years.

However, estimates are that 75 percent of the state's shrimp farms were damaged in the cyclone that struck on May 14, and many are yet to be repaired as shrimp farm owners are facing many difficulties, reported the trader.

In Rathidaung Township 381.5 acres of shrimp, with 85 acres belonging to the army, were damaged after embankments collapsed in the cyclone.

Source: Narinjara