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State issues fish consumption advisory for Saginaw River

US - The state is warning people against eating certain fish in the Saginaw River.

The Department of Community Health says the fish may have unsafe levels of dioxin in their bodies. Dioxin exposure has been linked to cancers, birth defects and harm to the immune system.

The department says nobody should eat carp, catfish or white bass taken from anywhere in the Saginaw River. Women of childbearing age and kids under age 15 shouldn't eat smallmouth bass.

Women of childbearing age and kids under 15 should eat walleye less than 22 inches long no more than once a month, and six meals of larger walleye per year. For all other species of fish caught in the Saginaw River, women of childbearing age and kids under 15 are being advised to eat no more than one meal per month.