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Stakeholder Comments Wanted on Global Farm Assurance Standard

GLOBAL - GLOBALGAP is lobbying the aquaculture industry for comments on the interim final version of its Control Points and Compliance Criteria for the new Aquaculture Base, Shrimp and Social Criteria for Shrimp Farming modules.

The organisation, formerly known as EUREPGAP has established itself as a key reference for Good Agricultural Practices (G.A.P.) in the global market-place, by translating consumer requirements into agricultural production in a rapidly growing list of countries – currently more than 80 on every continent.

The private sector body sets voluntary standards for the certification of agricultural products around the world. The aim is to establish ONE standard with different product applications capable of fitting to the whole of global agriculture.

GLOBALGAP is a pre-farm-gate standard, covering farm inputs such as feed or seedlings and all the farming activities associate with production. Certification and auditing is carried out by more than 100 independent and accredited bodies in more than 80 countries and is open to all producers worldwide.

The GLOBALGAP standard is subject to a three year revision cycle of continuous improvement to take into account technological and market developments.

Success with Shrimp

The aquaculture modules have already been tested successfully in three major shrimp producing countries.

The first Draft version for Pangasius is also available for comment. The Pangasius module will be tested in the field after this round of stakeholder consultation.

To view details of the standards and submit comments aquaculture modules visit www.globalgap