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Spring Viraemia of Carp outbreak confirmed

UK - Movements of fish in and out of a North Yorkshire fishery have been restricted following the confirmation of Spring Viraemia of Carp (SVC).

DEFRA has issued a Designated Area Order prohibiting the movement of fish to and from The Willows, Hessay, York, North Yorkshire, following confirmation of the presence of the disease in fish at the site.

Samples were taken from the affected fishery following reported deaths of fish at the site.

SVC is a serious viral disease that affects common and ornamental carp as well as a variety of other species including tench, goldfish and Wels catfish.

There are no implications for human health.

SVC is a notifiable disease. Any suspicion of its presence should be immediately reported to the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas) in Weymouth – 01305 206673 or 206674.

Anyone who imports, keeps or retails carp or other susceptible species should take strict precautions to prevent the spread of SVC and follow the advice set out in Defra’s advisory booklets Combating Fish Disease and Keep Fish Disease Out (see

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