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SPATnz To Revolutionise New Zealand Aquaculture

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NEW ZEALAND - SPATnzs successful Primary Growth Partnership bid will help fund the biggest single development in Aquaculture in nearly 40 years.

SPATnz, a collaboration by Sanford, Sealord Group and Wakatu Incorporation, will use the $26.3 million provided in match funding, over seven years to domesticate the New Zealand Greenshell Mussel.

Toni Grant, chair of SPATnz’s steering group for the bid entitled Shellfish: The Next Generation said it was a monumental decision for the future of Aquaculture in New Zealand.

“This will enable the biggest development in the industry since we started farming mussels on long lines nearly 40 years ago,” she said.

“Domesticating the Greenshell Mussel will give the industry the capability to grow market-directed selectively-bred spat through to harvest.

“This project will revolutionise the industry by domesticating the mussel and developing selectively-bred, high-value product.

“It will create in excess of 1,000 new jobs and add up to $230 million per year to the New Zealand economy at the completion of the project.”

Ms Grant said she was grateful for the support the government had shown to back industry vision.

“We are delighted by the Government’s decision to approve our bid,” Ms Grant said.

“It proves very clearly that the Government is committed to helping the Aquaculture sector realise its goal to produce $1 billion in annual revenue by 2025.

“This programme by itself will be responsible for creating a significant portion of the growth necessary to reach the billion-dollar target.

“This programme is an investment in transforming the sector to create significant, sustainable, economic growth.

“We look forward to working in partnership with the government to deliver solid growth for the sector and real returns for New Zealand.”