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Sowing the Seed of Prawns in Andhra Pradesh

INDIA - The National Fisheries Board of India is planning to establish a pathogen-free shrimp seed multiplication caentre for black prawns.

The board has acquired 100 acre of private land for the purpose, for which Hong Kong-based Moana Technologies will be the technical partner, reports Business Standard.

“Black tiger shrimp seed is usually collected from the wild, resulting in the outbreak of white spot viral diseases. Despite the precautionary measures in managing farms, the occurrence of white spot disease is difficult to combat due to the contaminated broodstock leading to reduced hectarage," P Krishnaiah, chief executive of NFDB, told Business Standard. Black tiger shrimp cultivation declined from 120,000 hectare earlier to 90,000 hectare last year.

In response to the expression of interest called for setting up the centre, three companies have applied and the tendering process will be initiated shortly, Krishnaiah said, adding, “The multiplication centre will have a production capacity of three billion post larvae (seed) a year to serve about 150,000 shrimp farmers across the country.”

In order to create awareness among the shrimp farmers about SPF-seed produced by Moana, a jump-start programme has been initiated with the approval of the central government. Moana has so far supplied 1.65 million broodstock to 13 farms in the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh. The performance of the SPF-seed in the farmers' ponds is being evaluated by NFDB.