Shrimp production growing in Ifugao

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
5 February 2007, at 12:00am

PHILIPPINES - Fishpond cooperators in Ifugao found a new alternative for their growing tilapia farms, which could double their income through polyculture of tilapia and shrimps.

Ifugao Provincial Agriculturist Dario Blance said cooperators have come to realize that they can now make available this expensive and exotic food on their tables through polyculture with tilapia in fishponds.

He said the number of tilapia growers who are engaged in ulang or shrimp culture is increasing after their first harvest was successful. The high value of ulang or shrimps and its non-availability in the province and nearby provinces of Nueva Ecija and Isabela doubles profitability.

Blance said Timmy Guimbatan was able to harvest a total of 300 kilos with 12 pieces per kilo. He introduced 2,500 pieces of small shrimps in a 600-square meter pond with tilapia stocks.

As observed, mortality rate is high but this is one area, which the Provincial Agriculture Environment and Natural Resources Office (Paenro) and the cooperators are trying to improve. Harvest of both tilapia and shrimps takes five months with ulang or shrimps stocks to be introduced to ponds two weeks earlier to give them time to grow a little.

Source: Sun Star