Shrimp harvest shows possibilities of aquaculture

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
9 January 2007, at 12:00am

MISSOURI - It's been four years since Bill Crites, 37, of Chaffee looked at his muddy back yard and thought it would make a nice place to raise crustaceans.

Bill Crites of Chaffee, Mo., installed four 2.33-acre ponds on his property and now raises shrimp to supplement his income.

Four long years since his friends thought he'd gone a little crazy.

But now, with an annual harvest of 2,200 pounds of Pacific white shrimp, which he sells to private customers and out of his newly opened convenience store, Crites believes he's found a good way to supplement his income.

"It's worked well, and I think eventually it will be profitable," he said.

Its proponents call it a good way for farmers to diversify.

"It used to be every farmer kept hogs and chickens or had a couple of milk cows and sold some cream on the side, but we've gone away from that now. So, a lot of farmers are now looking at alternative crops," said Gerald Bryan of MU Extension.

Source: Southeast Missourian